What are the best property management systems?

Property management systems are the #1 most important software for hotel operators, a survey of 56 COOs, CIOs, and CTOs found:

Property management systems most important
Source: Property Management System research by Benchmark Research Partners

Two other data points stood out to me from this study:

  • The Property Management System is the largest software budget item for most hotels
  • Most hotel leaders expect the PMS to retain or increase its importance over the next 5 years

So what are the best property management systems?

It’s a tricky question because there’s a big problem today that nobody talks about:

Most software review sites are filled with handpicked, happy customers.

That’s a big problem for hoteliers looking to find the best technology.

There’s a big range of outcomes for hoteliers using various property management systems today

Another study I conducted revealed that more than 4 in 5 hoteliers had experienced failure with technology:

It’s time for a better way to find the best property management systems for you

I am building a new, independent, unfiltered guide with and for other hotel operators, so you can see what it’s really like to work with the different property management systems out there.

Join me by requesting access to my new property management systems resource here.

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