Boosting Revenue and Caring for Guests with In-Room Wellness Solutions

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In a world where wellness is becoming a priority for a rapidly growing number of travelers, adapting to cater to these guests is becoming increasingly crucial for hotel operators today. 

I recently spoke with Haley Payne and Zach Webster from Pure Wellness on the Hospitality Daily Podcast about how embracing wellness can give hotel operators an advantage today. I wanted to summarize what we covered in this article. 

The Growing Importance of Wellness in Travel

According to the Global Wellness Institute, the wellness tourism sector is expected to grow from $600 billion in 2022 to $1.4 trillion by 2027. This exponential growth is not limited to traditional wellness experiences such as spas; it encompasses “secondary” wellness experiences integrated into their travel, such as hotel room amenities.

“Today’s travelers demand amenities that align with their lifestyle, and wellness is a big part of that.”

Haley Payne

Modern travelers are looking for experiences that resonate with their lifestyle choices, particularly in health and wellness. Offering more wellness-focused rooms is a smart response to these evolving guest preferences.

The Benefits of Offering Wellness Amenities

Hotel owners and operators who offer wellness amenities can take advantage of this growing trend and see the benefits across their businesses. In addition to creating new opportunities for revenue generation, these also provide a way to better connect with today’s experience-driven travelers.

Increase Guest Satisfaction

Hotels can enhance the guest experience by offering wellness-centric amenities, leading to higher satisfaction and better review scores.

Boost Customer Loyalty

Haley shared feedback from hotel customers that guests who experience rooms equipped with Pure Wellness technology tend to rebook them, indicating a high level of customer satisfaction and loyalty – crucial factors for any hotel’s success.

Gain a Competitive Edge

In a saturated market, differentiating your hotel can be challenging. Integrating wellness into your offerings can provide a unique selling point, setting your property apart from competitors.

Pure Wellness: Pioneering In-Room Wellness Solutions

Pure Wellness is helping hoteliers better cater to wellness-focused travelers with offerings ranging from enhancing air quality to providing hypoallergenic bedding and filtered shower water.

Haley Payne, an early employee at Pure Wellness and now the company’s Head of Commercial, explains the company’s mission to upgrade hotel spaces by prioritizing wellness. 

“Our goal is to help hotels provide a total in-room wellness experience for the guest, and by doing that, create a new, premium room type so it becomes a revenue generator for the hotel.”

Overcoming Barriers To Providing Wellness Offerings

While the benefits of offering wellness-focused amenities are clear, there are some challenges that hotel owners and operators may face when considering providing these.

Operational Complexity

One of the primary concerns for hotel operators is the logistical complexity of integrating new wellness functionality. Pure’s Head of Operations, Zach Webster, sheds light on this, emphasizing the company’s focus on making the process easy.

“Our technicians can install the product with minimal disruption, making the upgraded room available for sale the following day.”

Zach Webster

Hoteliers are loving this turnkey solution, Zach says. “The room looks almost identical to how it did prior, and there’s no major construction involved in turning that into a premium room type for a guest. Hospitality is a fast-moving market. You have to be able to have rooms back online quickly, and that’s where Pure is a competitive differentiator.”

Communicating The Benefits To Guests

Effectively communicating the value of wellness-focused rooms to potential guests is important for realizing their revenue potential. Pure Wellness assists hoteliers in doing this to highlight the unique benefits of their wellness offerings.

One of the ways this can be done is by communicating the power of clean air in enhancing sleep quality. “When we first rolled out Pure, we focused on the allergy and asthma sufferer because clearly, that’s a guest that can benefit greatly from this room,” Haley said. “But as we learned more about today’s traveler, we realized there are many more benefits. For example, as a road warrior, I wanted to make sure I got a good night’s sleep. Anytime you improve the air quality, your body can get to a resting state much easier because it’s not trying to fight off a particulate that it’s not used to breathing. The result is you can get in that level of REM sleep, sleep longer and better, and wake up and feel refreshed.”

Emphasizing outcomes of wellness investments, such as feeling more refreshed because of better sleep, is something every hotelier should focus on to help their guests and realize the revenue potential.

Demonstrating ROI

Another critical concern for hotel operators is, of course, the return on investment. From across the Pure Wellness customer portfolio, Haley shared that the hotels they work with typically see a return on investment within three to four months post-installation. 

This quick turnaround is a compelling argument for operators weighing the financial aspects of such an investment.

Hotels Succeeding with Wellness Offerings Today

I always love to understand innovations through the stories of hotel operators using them, and I asked the Pure Wellness team what they’ve seen with the companies they’ve worked with on this so far. While the company works with all the big hotel brands today, Hilton stands out as a top performer.

“Hilton is our best-performing brand from a revenue perspective, and I think a lot of that is because you can give a really good room description, so the guests can understand what the hotels offer. When you look online and see a Pure Wellness room, you may not know what that means. But when you can read about it and understand it’s around air quality, hypoallergenic bedding, filtered shower water, and things like that, then you have a better understanding and can make that buying decision.”

As mentioned earlier, communicating these benefits is key to the success of programs like these. “I can put an image of an air purifier on there, but you may not know it’s an air purifier,” Haley shared. “The issue is trying to get the guest to book the room before they get there so that they can pay the premium before checking in. I can tell you that [Pure Wellness-enabled rooms] are a very rebooked room type. Once the guest tries the room for the first time, they like it and tend to rebook it on their own next time.”

Wellness: A Strategic Imperative For Hospitality Providers Today

Embracing wellness is not just about tapping into a short-term fad but is a strategic move toward meeting the future demands of travelers. 

By adopting wellness-focused solutions, hotels today can enhance guest experiences, gain a competitive advantage, and ensure long-term success in a rapidly evolving industry.

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